The vPMO brings today’s most innovative and powerful PPM solution to Australia. 

The vPMO enables a scalable, efficient and easy management of PMO as a virtual service.

With our chartered PMO team and elegant PPM solution behind you, introducing and running a PMO can never be simpler.

The purpose of your PMO is to ensure the right people are working on the right projects at the right time to deliver best value for your organisation.

But do you sometimes wonder if PMOs create more headaches and heartaches than they’re worth?

It is time for a fresh approach to your PMO!

vPMO - The virtual game-changer 

Virtual PMO powered by PM3 delivers project outcomes, manages risk and reduces costs to out-compete traditional PMO on every metric.

vPMO is easy to get kick-off.

vPMO manages your portfolios in your way.

vPMO is outcome-focused.

vPMO provides real-time collaboration.

vPMO accelerates your productivity.

vPMO looks after your PPM health.

Your vPMO team

Your vPMO team is led by a registered and chartered project professional.

Your vPMO team are qualified PM, BA and BCP professionals.

Your vPMO replaces the full suite of PMO staff members in a traditional model.