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PM3 is a different PPM solution software. The philosophy of PM3 is to always focus on the project and programme outcomes.

Whether running a few projects, large transformation programmes, or managing a complex portfolio, PM3, is an easy-to-use PPM software that delivers results.

Manage projects and portfolios in less time with PM3 software to optimise your results.

Simplify Resource Management

Request resources by utlising simple workflows and allocate the people who have the right skills and availability.

Resource management can be a complex process but PM3 can help make it simple. Resource managers are able to see the resources in either a graphical or tabular form and whether a resource group or individual is overloaded or underutilised.

Create Custom Dashboards

Configure and save customised dashboards for digital or printed reports without missing any details. PM3 provides an interactive dashboard that you can configure and save. The dashboard will allow you to drill down to lower levels of detail which are heavily used by C-level executives and portfolio managers.

PM3 has more than 180 out-of-the box reports and it can be automatically scheduled to one person or a group of people. The schedule can be in terms of daily, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Increase Team Collaboration

Track your projects and portfolios whilst on-the-go. PM3 is specially designed to optimise collaboration within teams to deliver the projects or programmes. PM3 enable people who are external to the system to participate in the collaboration.

Team members can download the PM3 application through Apple App Store or Google Store on their mobile phones for auto-synchronised content.

PM3 Clients Experience


"Simple to use, yet powerful to report"


Head of Portfolio Management

"A flexible, versatile solution to managing portfolios, programmes & projects. PM3 has helped us to standardise our project practices, particularly the reporting process"


PMO Manager

"PM3 enabled us to get a large programme under control and focus on key milestone delivery resulting in a successful conclusion to a major strategic project"


Data Centre Migration Project Manager

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