The Project Bureau founder - Andrew Fox

Delivering projects successfully can be a difficult and challenging process for business and that’s where The Project Bureau comes in.

You wouldn’t have your company accounts managed by anything less than a chartered accountant and you wouldn’t undertake a major construction with anything less than a chartered engineer, so why settle for your projects and programmes to be led by anything less than a chartered project professional?

There is simply too much money at stake for your organisation to risk and this is your money. So de-risk it by engaging a chartered project professional.

Additionally, The Project Bureau offers the exceptional services of a virtual Project Management Office (vPMO). The vPMO standardises the processes, improves efficiency, identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the project, ensures organisational standards, protocols, practices and procedures are achieved and drives the successful project delivery.

Our vision

In the next 3-10 years The Project Bureau will grow to become one of the most trusted PMO service providers in Australasia and China:
    • helping organisations to implement their strategies (through projects)
    • improve their performance from 30% ROI on average to 240% ROI
    • and manage their risk

Our structured programme delivers a wealth of benefits

  • Less wastage in resources
  • Projects on scope and within budget
  • A focus on profitable and efficient outcomes
  • Delivery of consistent, successful projects internally and externally