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Achieve unparalleled success in your projects and strategic objectives with Project Bureau’s revolutionary approach. Experts predict it could increase GDP by 1.6% – 3.1%.



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Who Is Project Bureau?

World-Class Leaders In
Strategic Project Management

Imagine the heights your company could reach by implementing the advice and systems of the world’s foremost experts in strategic project management?

Dr. Raymond Young & Andrew Fox not only guide the world’s largest consulting companies but also consult directly with clients to ensure projects deliver long-term corporate objectives. Their globally admired approach is peer reviewed to be able to lift GDP by 1.6% – 3.1%.

This is your chance to work directly with these world leaders in project management, assess your existing projects, align them with your strategic goals, implement best-in-class project monitoring systems, and rapidly enhance the skills of your team with cutting-edge technological training.

Most large companies risk wasting 66% of their entire project investment through outdated and ineffective management approaches. We Identify those projects, rescue them and provide you the tools to never experience these problems again. There is no additional cost! Benefits are achieved entirely by the strategic reallocation of resources.

Change the way your executive team monitors your investment and gain control. Traditional project reporting over-emphasises microscopic concerns. Instead focus on whether your programs are implementing your strategy. Performance however you measure it (customer service, increasing profit, reducing cost, etc) will be improved by 4-8 times.

Leverage the latest in neuroscience to provide your team years of experience in just 16 hours using our scientifically proven advanced learning virtual platform. Save your team thousands of hours and millions of dollars of ‘trial and error’ training, and be rewarded with experts that drive projects to limits far beyond what you ever expected.

Unlock lasting project success and align your
projects with your strategic objectives.

Our world-leading strategic advisory services and project management expertise can revolutionise the way your organisation approaches projects and the skills of the entire organisation to implement them. Work with Project Bureau to gain a competitive edge and secure the medium and long-term success of your company.

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If your organisation is spending over $1 Million on internal projects, request an assessment. Complete the form and request a free review of your existing systems, structures and projects.

Review Existing Projects

Reduce project risk and avoid costly mistakes by identifying potential project failures and danger markers often missed by regular staff.

System & Structure Assessment

Improve project management control and direction by identifying gaps in your project monitoring systems and providing tailored solutions to close them.

Staff & Training Review

Upskill project managers and drive success with tailored training programmes that address staff skills and abilities.

Project Waste Assessment

Identify and rescue wasted investment in your current projects through our review process, resulting in more effective use of resources.

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Revolutionise Your Project Success with World-Leading Expertise

In today’s fast-paced business world, project failure can be a costly setback. Traditional project management approaches are proving inadequate, with up to 66% of technology projects globally ending in partial or total failure. This highlights a gap in traditional approaches.

The Project Bureau transcends tradition and offers a dramatically superior approach. We lead international research in benefits management and are now offering an approach that is focussed on implementing corporate strategy and guaranteeing your future rather than emphasising the traditional microscopic concerns about time and budget. We put our money where our mouth is and only charge based on a percentage of additional realised benefits.

Our approach focuses on key areas, including realisation of corporate strategy, reducing project risk, improving project management control and direction, upskilling project managers to accelerating your project managers skills from years to hours, and maximising ROI. Our tailored training programmes empower staff to develop deep expertise in strategic project management, driving success and long-term growth for organisations.

Partner with Project Bureau to unlock the secrets to successful project management and drive long-term success for your organisation.

Identify and Rescue Wasted Resources

Failing and redundant projects can cost organisations millions of dollars. With Project Bureau’s revolutionary project management approaches, you can identify and save this wastage. Our team of experts will conduct a strategic audit of your business strategy and projects to identify where investments are being wasted. With our cutting-edge systems and deep expertise, we offer meaningful options to rescue your investments and provide a path forward for your projects.

In large organisations, these savings are often in the tens of millions of dollars, with significant upside potential for rescuing them. By partnering with Project Bureau, you can achieve long-term growth for your organisation, optimise project value, and upskill project managers to become world-class experts. Imagine what your organisation could achieve with the savings you can unlock from our innovative approach to project management.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you save money and achieve lasting project success.

Dramatically lifting performance

The key to dramatically lifting performance is to manage projects at the strategic programme and portfolio level. We have scoured the world to identify the best techniques to optimise a programme and ensure it will deliver the strategic goal. We have published our advice with Wiley (The 6Q Governance Approach) but we know that you can’t learn to swim by simply reading about it. We work with you hand in hand to evaluate your programmes, identify the gaps and redundancies, reallocating your resources in the most effective way, and then monitoring implementation to ensure your strategy is implemented.

We follow the 80:20 rule in almost everything and maximise results with the least effort possible. In most cases we can help you to increase performance by 4-8 times without costing you anything in additional resources.

Empower Your Team with Expert-Led Project Management Solutions

Whether it’s an existing or a new project, our hands-on involvement not only ensures your project’s success but also provides your team with an invaluable education. As we work together, your team will absorb insights into how the world’s top project management experts approach challenges, streamline processes, and deliver outstanding results.

Our key team members are Andrew Fox and Dr Raymond Young. Andrew is a project turnaround expert and called in to fix the worst situations. Raymond’s career alternates between consulting, industry and academia and he leads the world’s thinking about benefits management. He has been commissioned by the International Project Management Association (IPMA) to write a handbook of best practice based on case studies of the world’s best projects recognised in the IPMA’s annual awards. Our team through doing will pass on their knowledge of best practice and embed this knowledge in your organisation.

Real-Time Project Monitoring for Unmatched Visibility and Control

Upgrade to world-class project management systems and software that grant your executives the power to monitor every project in real time. While your current systems may be functional, they’re likely only delivering half the picture. Instead of relying solely on project managers, empower your directors with full visibility into each project’s progress and its potential to contribute to your organisation’s overall goals.

Our project monitoring solutions begin with a thorough review of your existing setup, followed by an in-depth discussion of potential improvements. We’ll identify areas where your current systems fall short and provide custom solutions tailored to your organisation’s unique needs.

Our real-time project monitoring solutions can be offered as a standalone service or integrated into a broader engagement with Project Bureau.

Unlock Expertise and Transform Your Team with Accelerated Learning

Fast-track your project managers’ development with our groundbreaking 16-week neuroscience-based training programme, equipping them with years of experience in a fraction of the time. We are at the forefront of pioneering accelerated learning techniques, and the results are nothing short of astonishing. Imagine the possibilities for your organisation if your entire staff operated at an expert level. The benefits of this intensive training extend far beyond the immediate skill development. With each project you invest in, you can expect seamless execution and delivery of your intended objectives. The cost savings alone could reach millions, but the real value lies in the successful outcomes of your projects.

In a world where 66% of projects fail to deliver their full intended benefits, equipping your staff with expert-level knowledge and skills becomes your secret weapon for long-term success and competitive advantage.

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Get an instant evaluation of your project management approach with our one-page diagnostic tool, derived from our premier book. Simply provide your details, and we’ll email it straight away.

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New age project management approaches never before implemented

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Project Bureau Difference

Discover why traditional project management approaches fall short in today’s fast-paced business environment. Our strategic consulting and cutting-edge strategies prevent project failures, align your initiatives with your long-term goals, and drive your organisation to new heights of success.

Traditional Management Approach

Our Cutting Edge Approach

What People Say About Us

Client Testimonials

“It was a great honor to work with Andrew. He was always available as my mentor when I needed him. He also took the effort to check on my progress and encourage me to achieve my goals. Thanks Andrew for helping me get certified as a Project Manager.”

Vimbai Mavenga

Project Manager – Hobart City Council

“Andrew Fox is an excellent mentor for Project Management. He was my assessor for my CPPM certification and he always kept communication lines open with me. I would highly recommend Andrew Fox as an assessor for anyone else doing Project Management certifications at AIPM.”

Rebekah Ellison

PMO Manager – Jacobs Australia

“PMLogic had the pleasure of partnering with the Project Bureau to run a highly interactive program management training course for the Dept of Defence. Feedback from the attendees was that this was incredibly helpful training in giving them an understanding of project management.”

James Bawtree

Managing Director - PMLogic

“Raymond and I wrote Wiley’s guide to benefits and project management specifically for the practitioner audience. It leads the field by focussing on the realisation of business outcomes.”

Professor Vedran Zerjav

Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management

“I have known and worked with Andrew for over five years. Not only is he widely experienced in risk and governance in organisations and projects, he also has experience of a range of modern, new risk management approaches that will add unique value to any employer.”

Dr. Richard Barber (PhD)

Director - RiskIQ Global (Australia) Pty Ltd

“We were able to utilise Andrew’s risk and governance skills do develop a security risk assessment plan of a standard high enough to enable Digital61 to become engaged on the Defence Industry Support Panel.”

Brian Fenwick

Co-founder - Digital61 Pty Ltd


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Andrew Fox

Andrew Fox

Andrew Fox, Founder and Managing Director of Project Bureau, is a seasoned project management expert with over a decade of experience delivering major projects and programmes across both private and public sectors. As a Chartered Project Professional and Certified Practicing Project Director, Andrew holds a Masters in Project Management from the University of Adelaide and is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Project Management from the University of South Australia.

His expertise encompasses strategic planning, governance, risk management, and change management. Dedicated to nurturing the next generation of project professionals, Andrew lectures at the Australian National University’s Masters of Project Management programme and serves as a board member for GAPPS, promoting the alignment and transportability of project management standards and qualifications

Dr. Raymond Young

Dr. Raymond Young, Director at Project Bureau, is an international authority on project governance, boasting a diverse background in industry, consulting, and academia. Prior to joining the company, he held a senior associate professor position at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and served in a CIO role at Fujitsu Australia.

Dr. Young’s groundbreaking research on project governance has informed the development of the Australian and international governance standards AS8016 and ISO38500, with the potential to significantly reduce project failure rates and boost GDP.
A Fellow of the Australian Institute of Project Management and Governance Institute of Australia, Dr. Young is also a founding member of the committee that developed these critical standards, demonstrating his commitment to driving project management success.

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