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Accelerate expertise through Virtual World Platform

FutureIntel Virtual World Platforms

Mega World

The FutureIntel™ Mega World is game-based learning in a virtual world platform. The mega world accelerates the development of organisational expertise for high stakes, complex and difficult-to-train activities or ‘wicked’ problems without the cost of ‘trial and error’ in the real world.

These real world digital twins are used to rehearse such things as organisational change, planning, operation, or black swan events.  These Mega World have been used to improve safety, rehearse deployment of new technology, innovate (e.g. test new ideas), identify and manage the real production or process constraints etc.

The collaborative games allow teams to experience how their business operates today and how it will transform in the future. The virtual world experiences deliver a fundamental change to the way teams think and operate, enabling the enterprise to innovate and improve performance. By enabling organisations to test the consequences of their strategies and ideas they gain a rapid understanding of what works and the commercial consequences. This understanding can be transferred to the real world day to day work environment, building more effective strategies and accelerating their implementation of the new, allowing teams to learn, anticipate, and adapt to tomorrow, today

Expert World

The FutureIntel™ Expert World is game-based learning in a virtual world platform.  It is a proven way to pull individuals & teams forward to new levels of specific proficiencies, years faster than other methods.

These Expert World include a context and activity that anyone can understand, (e.g. developing and releasing a new product or improving return on sales). So, individuals and team participants focus on the higher level domain expertise patterns (e.g. soft skills, decision making, ability to pivot) within the frame of mastering these capabilities so organisations improve profits.

FutureIntel™ Expert World pull players into the perspective of an expert giving them insight into how an expert experiences a situation.  The result is that the participants accelerate the time taken to navigate from journeyman to expert to weeks, not years.

The power in these tools is that they are designed by team made up of skilled domain experts, cognitive scientists, accelerated learning researchers, business experts and virtual world developers. Together they create a story where the experiences and decision points one must address in order to ‘win the game’ lead to ‘cognitive reorganisation’ – i.e. they increase cognitive agility, change mindset, improve skills and behaviour.

Case Study #1
In 2015, FutureIntel and Company A started collaborating on research to apply FutureIntel's accelerated learning technology to Project Management Capability development. The National Science Foundation funded the seminal research on the application of FutureIntel accelerated learning approach to the development of expertise in waterfall and agile project management and program management in support of this important collaboration. The result was the development of a number of expert virtual worlds where project and program managers can rehearse their skills and expertise, without the cost of failure that such learning incurs in the real world.
Case Study #2
After six previous failed attempts, Company B used a FutureIntel simulation to successfully transform their train and bus divisions (7,000 workers) from breakdown maintenance to predictive and preventative maintenance culture of practice, in 6 weeks. The industry norm for such projects was 18 months and 70% fail rate.
Case Study #3
Company C had a distributed project team that had not been able to perform at project management standards for three years. After their FutureIntel virtual world rehearsal Company C said the team advanced the equivalent of 10 years of real-world experience in project management within and become the best team.
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