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Online Lunch & Learn:
How To Double Your Organisation Performance

Costs are increasing but your profit margin is getting lower?

Learn how to double your organisational performance without additional cost from a successful world-leading project governance expert.

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6Q Governance

The 6Q Governance Approach was published by Wiley in late 2021. It is the only project governance guideline that is proven to be effective through empirical research. The lunch and learn will be presented by the author Dr Raymond Young and will be the first presentation in Australia since publication.

Building A Business Case

The lunch and learn will systematically apply our white paper to attendees’ specific circumstances. You will see how 6Q Governance helps you to focus your projects on strategic goals and double your performance. Actually, the real potential is to increase performance by 4-8x but we didn’t want to scare you!   

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Get access to our proprietary spreadsheet and explore the timing of your costs against the huge benefits that can be realised. Work out if it is better to set up your own Strategic PMO or to do it virtually through The Project Bureau. 

Attendees will receive


Dr Raymond Young

Dr Raymond Young is a Principle Consultant at The Project Bureau and is an international authority on project governance. His research has been published by Standards Australia as a handbook explaining how boards and top managers influence business projects to succeed (HB280). His most recent research has been published by Wiley (2021) and is potentially the first major breakthrough on project failure in over 50 years. Some indicators suggest his concepts could increase GDP by 1.6% – 3.1%.

Dr Young’s career alternates between industry, consulting and academia. Most recently he was a Senior Associate Professor in the International Business School Suzhou at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. He has a decade of management consulting experience culminating in a senior management role within Fujitsu Australia. Dr Young is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Project Management (FAIPM) and a fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia (FGIA).


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