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Identify, assess and prioritise risk across each project phase to solve problems


Risk is an unavoidable part of any project and what you don’t know, can definitely hurt you. Managing risk effectively throughout the entire project lifecycle can be the difference between successful project delivery or business failure.

The question – how to manage risk to reduce business risk.

The answer – The Project Bureau risk management methodology process.

  • Project risk is business risk – Every project risk has business implications.
  • Risk is money – It’s important to understand the financial risk implications to make intelligent, fact based decisions.
  • Structured approach – To find hidden risks, a clear, structured approach and methodology is necessary.


The Project Bureau Solution

  • A structured process – Development of a formalised, ongoing risk management programme and action plan to mitigate risk and increase risk management success by a staggering 53%.
  • A proactive approach – Identify and assess threats, vulnerabilities and risks to projects before they happen.
  • Stakeholder involvement – Focus on project risks that impact on the organisation for buy-in by key stakeholders and business management.
  • Risk Response – Sharing accountability for project risks to prioritise risk response activities.