Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

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Developing the process, methodology and resources to manage the right projects

The Challenge

  • The number of project resources and the quantity of projects and tasks can no longer be recorded, prioritised, and tracked using non-commercial Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions.
  • Your organisation has attained a moderate level of PPM maturity.
  • You have sufficient financial and technical resources to purchase a commercial PPM solution.
  • There is a wide variety of commercial PPM solutions; different kinds of PPM solutions are more appropriate for organisations of a certain size and a certain PPM maturity level than others.

The Solution

Critical Insight

  • Implementations are often challenging and sometimes not quite as successful as hoped for.
  • The costs of PPM solutions do not end after the implementation and subscription invoices are paid. Have realistic expectations about the time required to use and maintain PPM solutions to ensure success.
  • PPM solutions help PMOs serve the organisation’s core decision makers. Success depends on improved service to these stakeholders.

Impact and Result

  • Using The Project Bureau’s Vendor Landscape and PPM solution use cases, you will be able to make sense of the diversity of PPM solutions available in today’s market and choose the most appropriate solution for your organisation’s size and level of PPM maturity.
  • The Project Bureau’s blueprint for a PPM solution selection and implementation project will provide you with a variety of tools and templates.
  • A carefully planned out and executed selection and implementation process will help ensure your organisation can maximise the value of your project portfolio and will allow the PMO to improve portfolio stakeholder satisfaction.