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Take the support of your project professionals to the next level

Have you been disappointed in the impact that PMO’s have in your organisation?

  • There is a big difference between the PMCoE and the PMO.
  • PMOs still have a place but also need support and they need to be designed and staffed properly.
  • A PMCoE is staffed with project experts and provide a true home for project professionals. A place they can go to for real support, not just the right template to complete.
  • A PMCoE will provide leading edge research and best practices so that your project staff are using the latest tools and techniques.

Impact and Result

There is a need to ensure that a CoE implementation is designed in such a way that it has a real and positive impact on your organisation and research is uncovering some very exciting prospects for delivering a framework that will allow for this.

Traditional approach for a CoE 

PMO’s have traditionally been the keeper for all project best practices and assurance of adherence of methodologies within a project organisation. Research has discovered that this has been mostly ineffective and has not improved the overall success of project delivery within organisations. CoE’s can be implemented on the same basis however there seems little benefit in doing this as this would not change the results in any way. It would then make sense to search for a different approach when implementing a CoE.

Interventionist approach for a CoE

Another but more successful approach and that has been tested in a live programme environment is the interventionist approach whereby the CoE is not simply the keeper of programme and project best practices but is staffed with high level project management experts that have the right level of experience, education and knowledge to be considered experts and especially, experience in project recovery.

In our experience, an organisation implemented an ITCoE with specialist delivery managers take on the role of working directly with projects and intervening in troubled projects. There would appear then, due to the success of this design, a good argument that a similar approach could be used across any domain including project management.

Research & development approach for a CoE

We suggest that a CoE is a place where an organisations most advanced tools and processes are developed so then, a third approach that can be adapted is a CoE being one that undertakes research and development of best practice, tools and techniques that the organisation across all projects are able to benefit from.

What then becomes incredibly powerful, is a combination of all three approaches to form a true Centre of Expertise.